Fixing my face: Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic review

Let me preface this post by saying that I love a good face mask.

In fact, one of my first birthday parties was a Mary Kay party. What could be more adorable than a bunch of six years old putting exfoliating masks on their face, and then going overboard with makeup to the point where they look like the Joker?

Today, a dear friend and I ended up taking a (just down the) road trip to the nearest mall a few towns away.

After taking care of all the necessary errands, we stopped into Lush, where I had my eye on some of the face masks.

Now, my skin can be very temperamental, and granted, I’m terrible with making sure I remove all makeup and moisturize. My routine consists of washing my face, and cleaning with some benzoil peroxide face wipes. I tend to breakout due to stress or diet (how much cheese I eat) so a face mask with fresh ingredients seemed like a good remedy to perk up my skin.

Based on their descriptions, I decided to get the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask. I’ve tried Lush products before, mostly bath bars or soap bars, but never one of the face masks. I was tempted to try more than one since they’re affordable at $6.95 each. Unfortunately, they come with fairly short expiration dates of about a month each. After sniffing a couple, I stuck with the lovely blueberry scented mask.


Channeling my inner Elphaba

After washing my face, I layered on the mask. It’s fairly thick, so it took a bit of time to try to evenly coat my skin. The directions say to leave on for 5-10 minutes, but I got distracted since Thor 2 is on again, and left it on for about 15 minutes. Still, it wasn’t completely dry, and came off fairly easy without having to use a washcloth or scrub off anything as with some other masks. The mask is gray, with blueberry chunks, no exfoliating beads or anything.

Immediately afterwards, my skin felt much softer, and I moisturized with my generic Neutrogena moisturizer.

From what I’ve read online, results are typically positive, so hopefully the mask does more good. My skin varies with the weather, so I made sure to moisturize in case the mask does dry my face a bit.

My shopping companion got the Love lettuce mask, so we’ll do a mask swap at some point.

To sum it all up, the mask is lovely, and I wish I had unlimited money so I could buy out an entire Lush store.

UPDATE: I’ve been using the blueberry mask for a few weeks now. I have noticed my face is generally softer, from using it about 3 times a week, but I haven’t noticed a big change in erasing blemishes or eliminating redness.

The love lettuce mask, on the other hand, does burn a bit, although it’s more of a “this is doing something!” burn than actually painful. I also like the exfoliation aspect of it. It has a great minty scent. I’d have to try more masks to gauge which is the most effective for my skin type, but overall, no harm done at least.


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