Sister Whispers: Twin tag

Let me introduce you to my twin. She is six years younger than me, but many people, including teenaged boys who work at Harris Teeter and convinced we’re twins.

So without further adieu, here is the first edition of Sister Whispers. A twin tag.

1. Who’s the oldest?
JL1:I think it’s me.
JL2:definitely jessica (but you’d never tell)
2. Show us an old photo

3. Favorite memory together?
JL1:When we did the scavenger hunt in the Billy Graham museum and got trapped, and all we won was bookmarks.
JL2:ummmmmm letsss seeee man of steel / that one time we said that weird thing at the same time… i mean c’mon twin telepathy is a real thing!!!
4. Each others dream job?
JL1:I want to be SNL head writer and she wants to do naps and movie making or screenwriting.
JL2:u like acting/writing/singing jobs so something snl-ish
5. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
JL1:My twin because she actually brushes her hair.
JL2:definitely me- it takes work to look this good
6. Do you have anything matching?
JL1:Yes lots of matching clothes but only by accident. And American flag dresses and Disney shirts.
JL2:we have matching faces…
7. Did you ever dress alike?
JL1:Yes and now quite often but not on purpose since we just wear each others clothes for diversity.
JL2:we wear each others clothes so yes and wear stripes accidentally at the same time.. plus like 75% of my clothes are hand me downs via you
8. Song you would use to describe each-other?
JL1:“Take me or leave me” from Rent because it’s about sisters.
9. What color are your auras?
JL1:Mine is blue and hers is pink because she likes Strawberry Shortcake.
JL2:purple (not really sure what this means but the purple is a reference to almost famous!)
10. One thing you can do well that the other can’t?
JL1:Not fall asleep, eat junk food without hives, and read the Anne of Green Gables series.
JL2:i can draw sometimes.. brush hair(no offense) ummm do weird things ie jumping dares/ jalapeno pulp
11. Most memorable outfit ever worn?
JL1:When she went to prom.
JL2:of me or you?? of you ummmm that yellow shirt when youre smiling really big-
12. Do you have the same personalities?
JL1:Basically yes because we’re tiny girls who are like bridge trolls, but I’m loud (people tell me) and she’s so shy or quiet. She’s shiet.
JL2:no , im probably a lot meaner than you… a lot weirder.. sensitivity.. im shy but fannie and freddie ya know
13. Silliest question about being twins?
JL1:It’s silly because we’re not twins and I’m really old but people think we are.
JL2:are you both gay?
14. Describe each other in one word.
JL1:Her-Sister. Me-Sister.
JL2:quick- wits
15. One thing that annoys you about each other?
JL1:She always falls asleep and won’t play activities with me.
JL2:sometimes you cant stay still and you are do a lot of tricks on me ie hiding in closets and christian bale tricks
16. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
JL1:Two separate caves in different places so we can have our own peace and quiet and hide from society.
JL2:umm anywhere tom hiddleston is ummm italy so u can watch me live out my spagetti dreams
17. Nicknames you have for each other?
JL1:Not Jessica or Pflane Caruleand or Pippa Middleton or Charles.
JL2:les… dr galine…. nanny bums/herby bread basket(it took me like 2 minutes to remember this)/narcissa malfoy
18. What do you order at fast food restaurants?
JL1:Anything! Usually chicken nuggets and fries. She only gets ice cream or frosties.
JL2:u like those lil tacos from jack in the box and u like to buy mountain dew/coke
19. Favorite thing about each other?
JL1:We’re just sisters.
JL2:u do lots of jokes and i love doing laughs- endless comedy..
20. Favorite inside joke?
JL1:I love inside jokes. I’d love to be a part of one someday.
JL2:so many ummmmm that little girl that touched ur boots ummm were really good at kickball and ava jokes, youre a shirley and ya dont know me ummmm lol when classic came on CACAO, cody simpsons dance oh my


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