Fixing my face: Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic review

Let me preface this post by saying that I love a good face mask.

In fact, one of my first birthday parties was a Mary Kay party. What could be more adorable than a bunch of six years old putting exfoliating masks on their face, and then going overboard with makeup to the point where they look like the Joker?

Today, a dear friend and I ended up taking a (just down the) road trip to the nearest mall a few towns away.

After taking care of all the necessary errands, we stopped into Lush, where I had my eye on some of the face masks.

Now, my skin can be very temperamental, and granted, I’m terrible with making sure I remove all makeup and moisturize. My routine consists of washing my face, and cleaning with some benzoil peroxide face wipes. I tend to breakout due to stress or diet (how much cheese I eat) so a face mask with fresh ingredients seemed like a good remedy to perk up my skin.

Based on their descriptions, I decided to get the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask. I’ve tried Lush products before, mostly bath bars or soap bars, but never one of the face masks. I was tempted to try more than one since they’re affordable at $6.95 each. Unfortunately, they come with fairly short expiration dates of about a month each. After sniffing a couple, I stuck with the lovely blueberry scented mask.


Channeling my inner Elphaba

After washing my face, I layered on the mask. It’s fairly thick, so it took a bit of time to try to evenly coat my skin. The directions say to leave on for 5-10 minutes, but I got distracted since Thor 2 is on again, and left it on for about 15 minutes. Still, it wasn’t completely dry, and came off fairly easy without having to use a washcloth or scrub off anything as with some other masks. The mask is gray, with blueberry chunks, no exfoliating beads or anything.

Immediately afterwards, my skin felt much softer, and I moisturized with my generic Neutrogena moisturizer.

From what I’ve read online, results are typically positive, so hopefully the mask does more good. My skin varies with the weather, so I made sure to moisturize in case the mask does dry my face a bit.

My shopping companion got the Love lettuce mask, so we’ll do a mask swap at some point.

To sum it all up, the mask is lovely, and I wish I had unlimited money so I could buy out an entire Lush store.

UPDATE: I’ve been using the blueberry mask for a few weeks now. I have noticed my face is generally softer, from using it about 3 times a week, but I haven’t noticed a big change in erasing blemishes or eliminating redness.

The love lettuce mask, on the other hand, does burn a bit, although it’s more of a “this is doing something!” burn than actually painful. I also like the exfoliation aspect of it. It has a great minty scent. I’d have to try more masks to gauge which is the most effective for my skin type, but overall, no harm done at least.


Fed up with the set-up

prince blog pic

Ah, the perils of early twenty-something-dom. Inevitably, post high school graduation, and the closer you inch to college graduation, the next major step, or at least hot topic of conversation, turns to marriage.

Or as I like to call it…


The older I get, (yes, I realize I’m not actually old at all thank goodness) the more I realize that until that (hopefully) hunk of a rock is on my finger, every Tom, Dick, and Harry will inquire as to my romantic perils.

Specifically, it’s more of an Karen, Susan, and Tiffany, since most males I’ve met fortunately tend to have no interest in my dating life.

Alas, seeing as I am a deceptively nice person, who, as I was once told is “not ugly,” well-meaning friends, family, and random acquaintances instantaneously take it upon themselves to find me a husband.

*Disclaimer. I’m watching Thor 2 while writing this, so this post may turn into a Chris Hemsworth appreciation forum. Just a warning.

At times, it can be extremely frustrating to be likened to a commodity of sorts. Like any single male and I are like two chemical substances that can be thrown into a test tube, and have some kind of spark. (see what I did there?)

The majority of the time, it is funny to see what eligible bachelors are presented to me, as if all single people are cards in a game of memory, just to be randomly flipped over, in hopes of a match.

If you do decide to try to find me a husband, please use this as a template.

If you do decide to try to find me a husband, please use this as a template.

PSA: On behalf of all single people, do not feel it is your duty to find me a husband. Unless you are a matchmaker by trade, or Patti from The Millionaire Matchmaker, it is simply alright to respond to my answer that I am single, with an “Oh” followed by a smile, joke about how you wish you were still single, or kind statement about how I’m still young, and there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Feel no obligation whatsoever to run through your brain archives for any single nephews, neighbors, coworkers, baristas, dentists, doctors, aliens, lumberjacks, that you think might like, or at least tolerate me.

Not to say that single people are completely free of guilt in this predicament. I more often than not will look at your picture or listen to your verbal descriptions of said eligible bachelor, and will instantly respond with a “yes, hook a sister up,” “no thanks,” “ew,” or any other natural response.


But when I think about if the situation was reversed, I hate the thought of being judged. Whether based on a picture, where I unfortunately display a beautiful double-chin, a highlight reel of my faults, or any other unintentionally unattractive criterion, I don’t want to be judged.

Thus, rather than immediately dismiss the prospect of marriage, or mentally walk down the aisle with a guy I’ve been offered, I’m going to pause. and think about the other person, and how I’d feel to be rejected through a third party by a guy.

Married friends, or friends in a relationship, we’re okay if we’re single.


If you are going to set us up, don’t tell us, so we get all weird like Michael Scott/”Date Mike” when under pressure to be charming and live up to your most likely inflated description of us.


To end this on a happy note, my father always tells me that while set ups may be cumberbatch cumbersome for the time being, if I was a totally gross or repulsive person, people wouldn’t be taking the steps to try to find me a guy. So I guess I’m doing something right if people think I’m worthy of a man.

That last statement makes me wonder if I’m watching too many Jane Austen movies.


I am no Jessica Day (A Warby Parker review)

Let me preface this post by saying that I am as blind as a bat.

I got my first pair of glasses in the 4th grade. I was still riding the “what does cool mean?” train (not that I’ve ever gotten off said train), but like a good girl I wore my glasses every day.

Alas, the honeymoon period came to a halt when my poor little spectacles (second pair by this point), were smashed off my face and broken by a rogue basketball during a scrimmage at a church sports program for kids whose parents were taking parenting classes.

After that incident, I decided it was better to just squint my way through life. So for the next few years, I walked around blindly, until I finally realized that all I needed to do was switch contact lens solution brands. And Voila. My sight was (artificially) restored.

Flash forward over a decade, ten boxes of contacts, and five pairs of glasses later. Unfortunately, my glasses are pushing 2 years old now, are the wrong prescription, and for some reason won’t stay on my bridge. According to my optical technician, it’s because I don’t have a nose bridge, whatever that may be.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and ordered a trial box of glasses from Warby Parker. I should note that a valid prescription is needed to order a real pair of glasses (which I will obtain in the next few weeks seeing as how I am long overdue for an eye checkup).

Anywhoo, for just $1 of a service charge, you can have 5 pairs of trial glasses sent to you in a lovely blue box.

My choice this go around leaned toward the more hipster-y side of the spectacle spectrum, most likely influenced by this lady.

(Oh Jessica Day. So hip. Also, can I have your hair) zooey-deschanel-300

So without any further adieu, let us walk through my five trial pairs. I should note that my hairbrush has gone missing, hence the “stuck my finger in an outlet” hairdo. (Ideally the photos would not be yellow, but alas, iPhones do not white balance.) C’est la vie.

1. Welty in Plum Marblewood



I rated this pair 8/10, although I only rated one other pair and forgot to rate the rest. I do like the square shape and more unique, but still neutral, color.

2. Crane in Whisky Tortoise



Another 8/10. I’m not savvy enough to be able to distinguish to well between the Crane and the Welty, but also a contender.

3. Theo in Blue Marblewood



The third in the squarish hipster family. Also hip, yet serious. I generally just like the name Theo, so for that, this is also in the running.

4. Clyde in Blue Marblewood



And here’s where we begin to descend into the abyss of “UGH.” Not regarding the glasses themselves, just my inability to wear round shades. I should have known. The Aviators have never been kind to me.

5. Sinclair in Midnight Blue



Oh round shades. I wanted to be compatible so badly. These people look so cool in you. I just wanted to be a part of your cool round glasses club.

Members of the cool glasses club:

Mindy-Kaling-Glasses giphy tumblr_m5i7osrutx1qkxuj7o1_500

Alas, ’twas not meant to be.

Anywhoo, once I get my eyes checked, I’ll be getting my Warby Parker order in. My gut is saying the Welty, although the Crane or Theo may sneak in.

Thanks to their cool, and affordable system, I’ll get to test all the pairs out over the next five days. Props Warby P.! ( I made up a nickname, that’s how much I like them)


Update: I ended up ordering the Theo frames. After my prescription was confirmed, Warby Parker sent me an email suggesting I upgrade to the higher index lenses, to avoid the coke bottle/Professor Trelawney look. Ultimately, that added $30 to the total, but still, $120 for a pair of prescription glasses was still a phenomenal deal. I received the glasses 6 days after placing the order. I’d definitely recommend Warby Parker.